I am featured in the fourth issue of International Painting Annual.  For the INPA 4 Manifest received 1560 submissions from 563 artists in 45 states and 32 countries. The 200 page publication includes 125 works by 92 artists from 29 states and 9 countries including Greece, the Netherlands, Colombia, Germany, France, China, England, Canada, and the United States.

Creative Quarterly- The Journal of Art and Design, No. 34-35

I have four paintings printed in Creative Quarterly- The Journal of Art and Design, Double Issue No. 34 and 35.  My appearance in issue no. 34-35 allowed me to be selected for the 100 Best Annual of 2014.
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Clinton Marstall "Attachment" oil on canvas 45" x 35"

Dwell Magazine- Photo Issue

In the May 2011 photo issue of Dwell magazine there was a featured article covering "The Greenest Town in America" Greensburg, Kansas. The magazine captured images that included the 5.4.7. Arts Center where I was displaying a solo art exhibition.

5.4.7. Arts Center- Clinton Marstall "mimesis"

I am currently showing a series of works at the 5.4.7. Arts Center in Greensburg, Kansas. For more information visit:

Inner Self

Clinton Marstall "Inner Self" Oil on Canvas 10"x 16"